Mario Furlow, General Secretary
November 1, 2014

Why did we produce the Coming Out: Delivered project? In 1984 “National Coming Out Day” was created in October to promote awareness of LGBT issues and celebrate gay pride. It was also done so that the LGBT community could mobilize the support of their family and friends and encourage others to follow their example.

The Overcomers Network believes that this is not an original idea. From the conversation between Jesus and Peter – where Jesus shares his desire for Peter’s fall to be used to strengthen his brothers (Luke 22:31-32) - to the exhortation in Revelations 12:11 to use our testimonies to become overcomers – God has always shown us the power of our testimonies.

Nakisha Thomas, Vice President: "In recent years while the gay community has promoted only one side of “coming out”, we felt that this year it was imperative that we begin showing the other side – God’s side! So we are Coming Out: Delivered.  Our Network plans to continue encouraging former  homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders to join the effort to increase awareness, build unity and experience collective empowerment through Christian fellowship and discipleship."

Overcomers Network launches Coming Out: Delivered project to encourage support, visibility and empowerment for EXLGBT Christians 

"Our faces, our smiles, our lives, our families and our stories of freedom are real. And so is the God who gave us this freedoml!", said Pastor DL Foster.

The Overcomers Network's membership is open to all former homosexuals, lesbians, transgenders, bisexuals and their spouses regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, location, social status or denominational association. 

Founded in February 2010, the Overcomers Network (ON) is a discipleship empowerment organization for EXLGBT Christians with members throughout the United States and internationally.