Founder and President
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     I became a member of the ON in: 2013. I coach a high school freshman’s boys’ basketball team. I also was a double sport athlete in college (basketball and softball). I have 5 grandchildren (1 deceased). I have been blessed to travel to many different places (Honduras and Greece to name a couple).
Here is my brief testimony: I was delivered from the spirit of homosexuality and perversion in fall of 2003. My deliverance was instantaneous but the process has been a journey. I did not have a bad experience, I was not miserable in the life. Was not looking to be delivered was looking to add Jesus to my living. 
     I didn't grow up in church but I did go to church as a child and later as a teen with my friends, but always had the desire to be with women. I was raped by a guy I was “dating” and as a result I became pregnant with a beautiful baby girl. She's the mother of 4 of my grandkids and I am very proud of her. When I was in college I lived a lesbian lifestyle, and was welcomed and accepted by my family. As a matter of fact, I was more welcomed as a lesbian than I am as a delivered homosexual.  My deliverance happened as a result of my seeking the face of God simply saying, “Lord if there is anything not of you in me, I ask you to remove it.” The instance I spoke those words Holy Spirit showed me my lifestyle. From that moment on I could not do anything without seeing the face of Jesus on the cross, including being intimate with my then girlfriend.
     God has been good to me and at times I still wonder why me? But as long as I have breath in my lungs I will do my best to be obedient to the will of God for my life. I’m excited about this next year as I am fed up and ready to make an impact for the Kingdom.