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Because the ON strives to be a relational network of members, our process for joining reflects this value.
Your first step is to take a little time and discover who we are and what our mission and purpose is. If you already interact with others in the ON, connect with them or email us, and we’ll discuss next steps.
If you're interested in connecting, and you're just starting on your journey as an overcomer, consider attending one of our local meetings. 

Additional membership considerations:​

You must be 20 years or older to be accepted as a member of the Overcomers Network.
All information submitted on this form is kept confidential.
Submission of this form certifies you are in agreement with our biblical beliefs.
Briefly describe your journey out of sexual immorality (homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, porn, transgenderism, etc) (include a date if possible) If you already have a testimony video or online written, just put a link to it.
This option is for the nearest large city to your home. If you choose a location here, enter submit afterward. If the city is not listed, go to the next option and then press join.
If your city is not listed above, write it in. If you live outside the US, enter your city and country here. EX: London, UK
Last, first name
DOB month/year
Relational status
Do you desire to connect with the ON private Facebook group

How long in this area?
Are you a minister?
If member of local church, which one?
How did you find out about the ON?
An initial $20 fee is required along with your membership profile. Use our convenient paypal service.
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