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Is the ON a ministry?
The definition of ministry is "to help,assist". The mission of the ON is definitely one of helping and assisting others to be stronger and secure in the relationship with Christ. So yes we are a ministry. But we are also an organization where fraternity and service is valued so its a hybrid of the best of both!

If I have my own personal ministry can I join the ON?
Yes, you can as an individual. The ON would hold no jurisdiction over your personal ministry.

Do I have to pay any money to join the ON?
An initial $20 fee is due with your membership profile. Thereafter, membership fees are $25 per year

What if Im not delivered, can I still join the ON?
Our minimum membership requirement is a strong acknowledgement that you have left your past behind by faith to follow Jesus Christ.

Can I join if I dont have a homosexual past?
Yes, we are open to all overcomers who have come out of whatever types of sexual sins. Married member's spouses are welcome to join as well.

​What are the membership benefits?
-Honest fellowship without the cloud of sexual compromise
-Practical, real time discipleship. Something you can use NOW
-Access to on demand counseling with Pastor Foster
-Membership pin + ON Store (coming soon)
-Exclusive access to ON events
-Opportunities for leadership
-real Networking opportunities

I want to support, but I don't want to join. What can I do?
We can always use your financial support or assistance in areas of media, organization, transportation and numerous other ways. Just contact us and ask!

Isn't it risky for people who have sexual sin backgrounds to connect with each other?
Churches are full of people who have come out of sexual sin backgrounds and as long as they submit to Christ and follow God's word,  they pose no risk to other likeminded brothers and sisters. The same would apply to our members.

Shouldn't the church be discipling people?
Well, we are the church or better said part of Christ's body. As such, we have an obligation to disciple, train and teach in order to raise up stable, productive followers of Christ.

What do I do if there is no ON chapter in my city?
When we reach a minimum number of members in a certain location we will form a chapter there. So your first step is to join!
​Below is a non-comprehensive list of questions we’ve been asked over time. If you have additional questions not covered here, feel free to contact us using the tab at the right. 
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