Founder and President
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A Network of Believers Welcoming Change and Affirming Redemption

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Mission & More
The mission of the Overcomers Network is to fulfill the will of God to disciple members of the Body of Christ who are overcoming homosexuality, thus equipping them for effective witness and service in the Kingdom of God.

Be Credible. We will give people a reason to trust the message we bear by the way we live out the message.
Be Consistent. We will be faithful and unwavering in what we do and who we are as a reflection of God's unchanging nature.
Be Committed. We will dedicate ourselves to the cause of Christ and the mission of the Church for the glory of God

Our vision is to be an organization of believers who can be trusted to demonstrate that deliverance is real and ensure that we are tangible and tactical examples of what that deliverance looks like from beginning to maturity. We see ourselves as solution leaders and influencing the Body of Christ in a way that clearly restores confidence in God's desire for his people to live in sexual holiness in a world that is full of doubt.


  • Conduct ourselves with integrity and live out our Organizational Values
  • Always uphold the truth about homosexuality while passionately loving those who engage in it
  • Create an environment where people can experience love, truth and accountability without hypocrisy.

In doing so, the Overcomers Network will become a trusted resource to the Body of Christ.

Action Plan
Fellowship. Pray. Plan. Work.