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"...and such were some of you..." 1 Cor 6:11





  • EXLGBT Affirming Churches distinguish the true church of Jesus Christ from those supporting homosexuality. By listing your church as an EXLGBT affirming church, you're simply declaring that you and your congregation welcomes change and affirms redemption.

  • Listing as an EXLGBT Affirming Church is simple. Its not a membership and there are no fees or meetings. Just a reference list. Fill out the form to the right and place a link on your website to this page showing you affirm those delivered from the homosexuality and sexual immorality and welcome those seeking deliverance. Visibility is Victory!

  • Listing as an EXLGBT Affirming Church strategically places your church in a visible position in your community as affirming God's redemptive work. In addition, you encourage members to walk in boldness, sharing their testimony and giving God glory. By openly affirming former homosexuals and their families, you give them a place of safety and spiritual growth.

  • Listing as an EXLGBT Affirming Church sends a signal that you wont compromise the truth that makes people free. John 8:32